What Do We Have?
What Do We Want? Everything!

¿Que Tenemos? ¡Nada!
¿Que Queremos? ¡Todo!

Who We Are

The Revolutionary Workers Movement (RWM) is a fighting organization of the proletariat that believes it is right to rebel against the ruling class. It supports all efforts of the workers to fight against exploitation and discrimination in the workplace and turn it into a trench of combat.

It is open to all class conscious workers in the greater Kansas City area.

RWM seeks victory in the class war and believes that only through creating a resistance movement that seeks to conquer power will this war be won.

Only through uncompromising militancy and confronting the boss and their snitches/collaborators can we hope to create an atmosphere of resistance and make carrying out exploitation and abuse an arduous task for the enemy.

Basic Platform of the RWM

  1. The creation of Workers Brigades to organize resistance and self-defense.
  2. Militant resistance against work intensification.
  3. Militant resistance against wage theft.
  4. Opposition to ALL layoffs.
  5. The conquest of power and the establishment of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

We are not interested in electoral reforms, we aim to conquer power for our class, the proletariat, through organizing, educating and tempering our fellow workers in class struggle.

We are proletarian internationalist and oppose U.S. imperialism, our allegiance is to the international working class.


Revolutionary Workers Movement
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